Kim Moore makes sound as a composer, sound designer, producer creating  noise that explores ghostly orchestral worlds to distorted noise and electronic driven scores, she works in Theatre, Dance, Film, Media, Improvisation, producing recorded work and performs and produces work as W O L F

Rave Child, on WOLF The Last Fall

''like the Cocteau Twins had they signed to Warp for a bit''

The Quietus, on RIME

''Elsewhere, it gets pretty gnarly, with Moore’s distorted viola and Bevan’s breathy slobber conjuring images of a steel mill sinking into a stormy ocean. The final section is stunning, with Bevan’s grainy soprano saxophone soaring and braying over Moore’s ghostly orchestra.'

The List, on live show, WOLF

''It's captivating stuff. Even more so once it's complemented by rattling bass and blusterous synthetic beats; a noisy finale of Forest Swords-esque digital tribalism sets a high standard for tonight's headliners to match''